Spessartine from Namibia

Spessartite from Namibia

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Spessartine garnet deposits in northern Namibia, world known for its stones of pure orange colour.  

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Tourmaline and spessartine garnet from Nigeria

Spessartite from Oyo State, Nigeria

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Red to pink tourmaline (also known as rubellite in the trade) and spessartine (Mandarin garnet) finds in Oyo State, western Nigeria.

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Umba valley, Tanzania

Gemstone gravels from Umba Valley, Tanzania

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Wide variety of fancy sapphire colours, including blue sapphires. Many other gemstones, including garnets are found in the alluvial plains of the Umba valley.

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Spessart, Germany

Spessartite garnets

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First source of orange spessartine garnets , also known as „Mandarin garnets“ in the trade.  

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